This is what ilapo stands for - the pharmaceuticals wholesaler in Munich

In more than 50 years on the market, and despite all the changes, our philosophy has always remained consistent.

This is ilapo - the pharmaceuticals wholesaler in Munich

For more than five decades, and in the meantime with more than 50 employees, at ilapo we take care of the reliable processing of pharmaceutical special orders.

As the market leader for the import of unlicensed medicines with headquarters in Munich, we have continuously grown over the last decades. Even in the area of unlicensed medicines for foreign markets and the procurement of reference and analytical products, we are a well-known and well-regarded special wholesaler. We look back with pleasure at what we have achieved but at the same time we know that our long years of successful work in this important market segment would not have been possible without our esteemed customers and without our wonderful employees. All of us together are ilapo.

The quality of our work is verified: we are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. We have, of course, a pharmaceutical wholesale permit, and have also received the GDP certificate of the Government of Upper Bavaria which attests that we work according to the principles of Good Distribution practice.


What is particularly close to our hearts: assuming our responsibility as a company in society. This is why we act in accordance with the principles of sustainable business management, which includes the economic, environmental and social aspects. Further growth is not ruled out, but we want to do it organically.

How ilapo works - research and network

Our slogan is: "closing the therapeutic gap".
We research worldwide to find the medicaments you need. For this purpose we use all of the available, international drugs lists and all databases. The employees at ilapo are supported in their research by our supplier network which now spans the globe.

Our innovation strength

We were already pioneers back in 1960, when the then owner began to build up a supplier network within Europe that is still second-to-none to the present day. This far-sighted action made it possible to cover the demand for specific medicinal products by worker families that had immigrated from remote parts of Europe, because now imports and import of unlicensed medicines could be reliably handled. At the same time, the foundation was laid for the development of ilapo to a pharmaceuticals wholesaler for special orders, imports of unlicensed medicines and exports alike. Today our collaboration with the now global supplier network ensures ilapo the decisive advantage in competition with other providers because we can find and procure all importable drugs.

But we have even more innovations to offer, this is part of our philosophy.

  • We develop intelligent concepts to close supply gaps for pharmaceutical products.
  • The Association of German Women Entrepreneurs describes us as the “hidden champion” of the pharmaceuticals wholesale sector due to our vision and values. 
  • Our employees regularly develop ideas for the optimisation of the ecological balance, which we reward every year with an Eco Oscar.
  • People are noticing our work on innovation: we are mentioned in the “IHK-Sonderheft Unternehmerinnen” (Chamber of Industry and Commerce special issue ‘Businesswomen’), were named “Germany’s Customer Champions”, and have been rewarded with other awards for our untiring work.

How to order at ilapo - simple and secure

You can place your order by telephone, fax or e-mail. Or use our online database for your purchase, for which we will thank you with an online discount of €1 per order. All drug orders are reviewed for clinical safety and for compliance with the German Medicinal Products Act (AMG).  We carefully select and monitor our suppliers to guarantee consistently high-quality products. That’s what we mean by quality. Get in touch with us today.

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