Our philosophy: improve quality of life, relieve suffering

As part of the healthcare system and a specialized wholesaler, we have a legal mandate stipulated by the Medicinal Products Act to provide people and animals with the medicines they need.

Our goal is to procure drugs from around the world that cannot be obtained through standard healthcare in Germany and abroad. Our goal is to develop and implement intelligent concepts to close the gaps in pharmaceutical supply channels. We operate with an awareness of our pharmaceutical tradition and a focus on people, the environment and sustainable business practices. 

Actions speak louder than words

Education and training

Training of wholesale and export merchandisers
An international company needs to invest in the future in order to succeed. That's why we have been training new employees since 2008.

We act sustainably

2012 ÖKOPROFIT München Business
ÖKOPROFIT® München is a local joint project in Munich made up of businesses, the chamber of industry and commerce, and the city department of public works. Participating companies are supported by external advisors and work together to develop operational measures aimed at protecting the environment. As a certified ÖKOPROFIT operation, we are committed to environmental protection that goes above and beyond legislative requirements. We also meet the criteria of the ÖKOPROFIT test.

We were very pleased to be recognized as a 2012 ÖKOPROFIT Business!


Community projects

- Supporting member of German Pharmacists’ Aid
ilapo has sponsored German Pharmacists’ Aid since 2013. The organization’s annual donations support regional and international health and pharmaceutical projects, and help guarantee the security necessary for long-term planning. ilapo supports the organization according to its motto: 'Help us, so that we can help others.'

- Supporting member of Pharmacists without Borders
Healthcenter No. 16 is located in a part of Buenos Aires with the most new slums. Some 500,000 people live there, 20 percent of the city’s population – for the most part in poverty. The district’s health center doesn’t have enough doctors and nurses, not to mention pharmacies and medications. Since 2012 we have supported the construction and maintenance of a health center in a Buenos Aires “villa miseria”. Donations go towards funding doctors, pharmacists, nurses and medications.

- Support for the Homeless Ambulance
ilapo has supported the “Homeless Ambulance” on the streets of Munich since 2012. This “rolling doctor’s office” helps those in need who are unable to help themselves.

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