ilapo - your proactive
Sourcing Specialist of
Reference Drugs

We provide high-quality finished pharmaceutical
products as reference products (reference listed
drugs, RLD, innovator/originator) to be used
in the development of generics or biosimilars
(bioequivalence, bioanalytical testing).

All samples from a single source

  • Different batches & different expiry dates from
    different origins
  • Extremely fast supply (German products shipped
    within 24 hours within EU, 72 hours outside EU) -
    on your desk by the next day
  • Including difficult to source and on quota items
    (special network of suppliers)

Our professional database with over 750.000 pharmaceuticals supports us in our worldwide research,
allowing your account manager to scan the German market for you promptly. We prioritize customer
satisfaction & provide a smooth shipping experience.