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Fast, intuitive, trustworthy – we at ilapo place high value on a simple ordering process, so you can quickly return your attention to your important daily business. Order online from us today in just a few steps:

1. Register free of charge at your preferred database – ilapo or DocCheck.
Since we do not deliver to individuals, the registration must be completed manually.

2.Search through our extensive selection for your desired product and place it in the shopping cart.

3. Complete any necessary forms.

4. Enter the required information, such as delivery and billing addresses, and place your order.

You can use one of two databases for your order:

Access to ilapo

Order new password



  • Search and order from over 750,000 import and export medicinal products

  • Access order history

  • Information on order status

  • Integrated forms for export and import, as well as cost estimate requests

  • Storage of delivery and billing addresses

Access to DocCheck


  • Search and order from over 250,000 import medicinal products

If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone: 089 18940-300 or e-mail: info@ilapo.de - we will gladly assist you.